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Current Interests

Software Architecture
  • Component Development
  • Object Orientated Design
  • Component Integration
  • Structured Testing
Programming Languages
Operating Systems
  • Linux - Debian distribution (Vim for editing, mutt for mail). Member of ALUG
  • Mac OS9
  • Mac OSX
  • Microsoft Windows (all versions)
3D Graphics
  • Modelling liquid volumes, natural phenomenon
  • Photorealistic rendering algorithms and products
  • 3D Engine Programming and Game Simulation
  • Vertex and Pixel Shading algorithms
  • SIGGRAPH Conference
Internet Technologies
  • Reading, Martial Arts, Music, DVDs


  • Founder and Managing Director of It Becomes Fluid Ltd. The company assists other businesses in managing information through technology by offering bespoke software applications for on-line and off-line platforms
Internet Technologies
Database systems
  • Microsoft Access XP data entry/analysis system
  • Filemaker 5.5 CRM and job tracking / management system
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